Monthly Archives: July 2019

August: Sun Protection Awareness Month

August is Sun Protection awareness month. Read our guide here. As part of ongoing commitment to you, Frameworks Recruitment have launched a monthly well-being programme, where we will provide you with a calendar of monthly updates and topics designed to assist to add benefits to our valued candidates and help assist with your ongoing development. This month […]

Mental Health on Site: What you need to know

It was world well-being week a few days ago. In the spirit and hope of the event, and the many inspiring events that were organised across the world. We have prepared a quick guide to mental health on site. In a pledge of our commitment to adhere to mental health standards, and an openness to support […]

Legendary Charity Event with Frameworks Adrian Morley

A number of legendary Warrington players pulled the boots back on to raise money for charity last weekend, including our own business development director Adrian Morley Woolston Rovers Rugby League Club and Sadore Construction LTD organised the event to raise funds for St. Rocco’s Hospice. Check out the video link to Sky-Sports, and some of the fab pictures from the […]

Your Guide to Manual Handling at Work

This month’s health & safety theme is ‘manual handling’. Manual handling may be a factor in any task that requires pushing, pulling, lifting or putting down a heavy load where the load has the propensity to cause damage or risk. You might ask yourself ‘why does manual handling result in a risk of injury or […]