The Top 5 Best Construction Apps for Onsite and Office Work

Apps can make your life easier, and improve health and safety, as well as improve access to essential info in the click of a button. Construction is a constantly changing business, as one of Manchester’s top agencies, we have done the research to find the best services from apps to help you in your work.

Apps are getting in on the construction industry, with some very innovative ideas and aims for white and blue collar workers alike. Because of the affordability and ease of using these apps, and for the return in investment. Especially when considering health and safety, communication and more. Frameworks have put our heads together and we have thought up the best Apps available for you at the office or onsite, in the construction industry.


This app is a game changer for those always losing their tape measure or calculator. Or just never having one to hand when they need one. This great app uses the camera on your phone to take a picture, then it uses the tech in the app to figure out the length, height, area, perimeter and volume of any object.


BIMx is the perfect tool to present and/or share your designs with clients and contractors. BIMx is a 3D interactive tool that will allow contractors and construction workers to see how things will look after the construction project.  This means that issues and problems can be discovered before the work is begun, so that changes can be made sooner rather than later, which will save time and money.  The design can be updated regularly, so that everyone has the most up to date visualization of the project.

Sound Meter

Look after your ears! Sound Meter offers a number of readings on your environmental noise, with a decibel gauge and current noise reference. The app can be calibrated to better match your phone, and can also collate the minimum, maximum and average decibel level when used over a period of time.

Use this great app to warn you when sounds are too high and might damage your ears on site. This is especially important these days, when tinnitus rates are skyrocketing.


When people think of health and safety at work, they often think of the physical – in other words, preventing injuries and accidents. But a huge part of workplace well-being is personal wellness, and catering to people’s mental health needs. LifeWorks offers an interesting new approach.

This wellness and social media app creates groups for employees to offer each other praise and recognition, with a leaderboard for the most helpful employees. LifeWorks also provides employee assistance with a range of life tips, and helps on the financial side with exclusive offers, including discounts on cinema tickets. The app has had some technical glitches in the past, but the idea continues to shine through, and it has a great future in store.

Fast Concrete Calculator

A free concrete volume (Cubic Yards) calculator that makes if easy to calculate the cubic yards needed for a variety of concrete structures like a pro. This app will calculate quantities needed of concrete and rebar for your next project. Fast Concrete Pad Calculator will also calculate waste materials, concrete, and rebar costs. The app will get you all the information you need to order concrete. Making your job much easier and stress free.

Frameworks understands the demands and stresses of construction work, and we strongly believe apps such as these can make your workload easier. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on apps and other software and innovative tools to keep ahead of the game.



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