What is a CSCS Card and Why do you Need One?

The CSCS card was created to reduce the number and severity of workplace accidents and injuries in the UK’s construction industry.

Today, nearly all employers in the UK’s construction industry require new hires to have the appropriate CSCS card before they can begin work on-site, and in many cases before they will be considered for a position.

The CSCS helps keep workers in the UK’s construction industry safe – and therefore sites running smoothly.

Workers are able to apply for a CSCS card once they have shown that they hold a level of skill and competence on matters such as manual handling and hazardous substances, as well as health and safety awareness. The scheme is widely used on the majority of construction sites.

How to study for the test

The CITB have launched a mobile app to help you revise for the Health, Safety and Environment test. This is available from the CITB.

How to book for the test

You can book your test:

  1. online (Click here)
  2. by phone (Click here)
  3. by post (Click here)

How much the card/test costs

The test fee of £21 will be taken at the time of booking.

There is a £36 fee for the card, so it is important to keep it safe, as you will have to pay for a new one if you lose it. There is more information from the CSCS about what to do if you lose your card or if it is stolen.

On the day of the test

Make sure you do the following on the day of the test:

Staff at the test centre will check your documents when you arrive. You will not be able to take the test if you don’t have these documents, and you will also lose your test fee.

What Types of CSCS Card are There?

When it comes to CSCS card, there’s a card for every level and every profession. Here’s the current range of cards they offer:

  • Labourer
  • Apprentice
  • Experiences Technical, Supervisor or Manager
  • Experienced Worker
  • Trainee
  • Skilled Worker
  • Advanced Craft
  • Supervisory
  • Manager
  • Academically Qualified Person
  • Construction Site Visitor
  • Professionally Qualified Person
  • Provisional (temporary card)
  • Trainee (craft and operative)
  • Trainee (technical, supervisory and management)
  • Construction Site Operate (CSO)
  • Construction Related Occupation (CRO)

After you Have your CSCS Card

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