Maximising your Success – Top tips for a Killer C.V

Make no mistake, it is essential to market yourself to employers. At Frameworks Recruitment, we can understand the pains and frustrations of the search for work. Employers spend little time to peruse your C.V. But we want to help you make your C.V shine. So you can put your best skills and make a shining impression right from the get go.

Making sure your CV is constantly updated is really important. We are here to help you tackle the most essential points to keep in mind when doings so. To make your CV more impressive with a memorable statement throughout, showcasing what you have to offer the world of work.

Once you have finished your CV, don’t forget to submit it to us for work!

Updating your CV.

Keep your CV updated, you never know when someone might take a look, ask for it, and when new opportunities come to knock. All it takes is a few simple minor tweaks, like adding a new skill or experience.

By doing this – you are able to:

  • Have your CV primed and ready for new vacancies that best suit your skills and experience.
  • Keep yourself reminded and refresh your memory on your up to date experiences and new skills progression.
  • Receive more responses from online databases, from keywords for new updates.
  • Identify career development needs, such as gaps in your experience or training requirements.

What Makes a Great CV.

The sole purpose of your CV, is to get you an interview. That is the most important part. Before you send your CV over to us (link) or anyone else, make sure it is the best it can be.

Keep your V focused and clear, keeping the most recent skills and experience at the top, making it easy to read and laid out. Including only the most essential information.

In terms of length, it should never be more than two sides of A4 (the briefer the better).

You can find some excellent CV templates online to make use of, so definitely take advantage of that, to ensure you are sending a well presented and easy to read CV.

The Essentials for your CV.

  • Contact and personal details: including your name, address, email, phone number, LinkedIn and any personal websites.
  • Personal Statement: This section is really important, it is your elevator pitch, and is used to highlight your most relevant and up to date skills and experience for the role. Focus on your best abilities and what you will be bringing to the table when they hire you!
  • Key Skills: This section should list your skills and is extra evidence for the personal statement, providing more insight, dates and detail into your skills and experience.
  • Employment: Use this section to list your most recent – and relevant – employment. Put in the title of the job, name of the company, its location and website, and finally the dates of your employment. Explain in very brief detail what the company does, and what your role was there, with a focus on your most relevant achievements and responsibilities.
  • Education and Training: Us this section to list any education and relevant certificates and qualification you might have. Put the name of the qualification and or school and the date you achieved it.
  • Interests: Not always essential, but it can be used to paint a picture of yourself to an already interested employer, use this area to highlight your main interests and skills that might relate to the role.
  • References: Feel free to put a “References available upon request here.” Or you can put a quote from a past employer here.

That’s it!

Is your CV ready?

If you have refreshed your CV, save it and then ask a new pair of eyes to proofread it for mistakes. Now, save it as a PDF – so it is mobile-friendly – and start putting it out there.

Send it to us! You can upload it to us on our CV upload page. 

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